Information You Will Need To Replace Your Lost Car Key

Getting a car key replaced is a much easier process today than it was several years ago. This is because most major locksmiths are equipped with the tools needed to cut transponder keys, reproduce laser cut keys, and program key fobs for your vehicle. If you are just looking to replace the key of your car, all you have to do is find a locksmith in your area and then call them with the following information at the ready. Read More 

What Did You Lose Today?

In the daily shuffle to get off to work or get the kids to school, you are likely forced to stop and look for something. A survey has shown that you spend an average of ten minutes each day searching for a lost  item. Very likely, it the same item that you have lost several times over the course of the last week. Ask yourself how many times in the past seven days you have had to look for your keys, your phone, a bookbag, or your shoes. Read More 

Two Questions About Keyless Locks For A Business

If you find yourself constantly needing to rekey your locks when employees stop working for your business or lose their keys, you should consider having a keyless lock system installed. This entry method has many benefits over standard keys, which make it ideal for businesses that have many employees. Here are two questions you may have about having a locksmith install them at your business. What Keyless Lock Systems Are Available To Me? Read More 

The Importance Of Putting Locks On Filing Cabinets

Since they have been introduced, filing cabinets have proved to be very practical items in both home and corporate settings. Indeed, not only do they allow to put various documents in order, but they also help preserve them in good condition for an extended period of time. Most filing cabinets are built without any type of line of defense. This means that their content is pretty much accessible to any person who opens and pulls them. Read More 

Tips To Regain Your Sense Of Safety Following A Home Burglary

Your home is meant to be the place where you go to feel safe and secure. With all of the stress in the outside world, being in your home should feel like a small corner of the world created just for you. However, if your home gets burglarized, you may feel as though your security, safety and peace of mind have been violated. Experiencing a burglary is a traumatic experience and it is difficult to overcome the sense of loss. Read More