Two Questions About Keyless Locks For A Business

If you find yourself constantly needing to rekey your locks when employees stop working for your business or lose their keys, you should consider having a keyless lock system installed. This entry method has many benefits over standard keys, which make it ideal for businesses that have many employees. Here are two questions you may have about having a locksmith install them at your business.

What Keyless Lock Systems Are Available To Me?

There are a couple keyless deadbolt options available that you can use for your business. An easy system to have installed involves numerical keypads that are used to unlock the doors with a code. It makes it very easy to change the passcode when an employee leaves your business, and you can change the passcode as often as you want without requiring a locksmith for help.

An alternate keyless locking method involves using an electronic card. Depending on what kind of card reader you select, it can require swiping the card or tapping the card on a digital card reader. This is great if you want to limit access to specific people in an environment where you do not want a code to be shared, and it is easy to activate and deactivate key cards as necessary.

Many business owners prefer these keyless locking methods because they no longer need to rekey locks when employees lose their keys.

How Much Will It Cost To Have A Keyless Entry System Installed?

According to a national average price survey, code combination locks are only slightly more expensive than traditional key and tumbler locks. Expect to pay around $18 for coded combination locks, compared to $13 for a key and tumbler lock.

A large portion of the installation will be the labor involved to install the keyless entry system. The average hourly rate for a locksmith is around $50/hr, which can quickly add up if you are having multiple keyless locks installed at your business.

Card entry systems can be much more expensive due to the technology involved, For a company of 150 employees with 2-3 access doors, expect to pay as much as $3,500 for a complete system installed. Replacement key cards will range between $3-$5 for each card. While this system is more expensive, it gives you more refined controls over who has access to your building.

Now that you know more about keyless locking systems, you can decide if it is the right choice for your business. To learn more about key systems, contact a business like High Security Locksmith.