Information You Will Need To Replace Your Lost Car Key

Getting a car key replaced is a much easier process today than it was several years ago. This is because most major locksmiths are equipped with the tools needed to cut transponder keys, reproduce laser cut keys, and program key fobs for your vehicle. If you are just looking to replace the key of your car, all you have to do is find a locksmith in your area and then call them with the following information at the ready.

1. The Type of Key Your Car Requires

There are several different types of car keys that you might have had. If you only had to hit a button to start your car and most of the security was part of your key fob, then you will need to get a new key fob and have it reprogrammed to your specific vehicle.

If you had a physical key for a vehicle that was made before 1995, then you will need a basic key that will require no programming.

Finally, if you had a key for a car that was made after 1995, you will need a transponder key, which is a key that has an electronic chip in it that is specifically programmed for your vehicle. Make sure that you are able to tell the locksmith exactly which type of key you had.

2. The Make and Model of Your Vehicle

The next piece of information that you will need is what type of car you had and what year it was made. This will help the locksmith look up the transponder or key fob programming numbers that they will need to in order to make you a new, functioning car key.

3. The Registration Number of Your Vehicle

Next, you're going to need the registration number of your vehicle. The locksmith will be able to search the database of vehicles that have the same make and model in order to find your specific vehicle.

4. The Vehicle Identification Number

Finally, you will need to confirm that the vehicle that they found is yours by providing them with the car's five digit vehicle identification number. Both the registration number and the identification number of your vehicle can be found in the driver's manual or obtained by calling the business where you purchased the car. The vehicle identification number can also be found on the V5 card.

5. Personal Identification 

You need to be able to prove who you are in order for the locksmith to make you a new key. A state-issued ID or passport will be enough.

For more information about the key-making process, talk to a locksmith like Johnny Locksmith.