Key Break Off In Your Lock? Steps You Should Follow

If your lock is stiff, you may insert the key and turn too hard, breaking your key off in the lock. When this happens, you may be unsure of what to do next. Knowing the proper steps to take can help you to remove the key without causing any damage to your residential lock. Here are the steps you should take if you break your key off in your front door. Read More 

Three Tips A Professional Locksmith Would Give You About Front Door Security

Home security is highly important for keeping both your home and your family safe. However, many homeowners fail to realize the importance of their front door locks. Here are three tips about them that a locksmith would give you. You Need a Locksmith to Install Deadbolts:  Whenever you have the front door replaced by a contractor, you should consider hiring a locksmith separately to install the deadbolt. This is because locksmiths know how to properly secure deadbolts. Read More 

Found An Antique Combination Wall Safe In Your House? There Are A Few Things You Need To Know

If there is one thing that can get your interests piqued and the curiosities swarming, it is happening upon a hidden wall safe in your home that you had no idea was there. The first safes were created in 1835 as basic lockable boxes where people could protect their valuables from thieves, but the safe quickly grew from a basic strongbox design to ideas that were much more elaborate. Safes were often times implemented into a home during construction and could be completely hidden. Read More 

Need To Get Replacement Car Keys? 3 Things To Add Function To Your Keychain

All of the pockets, key hooks, backpacks, and handbags cannot stop people from losing their keys. Regardless of how many times you remember where you put your keys, all it takes is one misstep to lose them for good. Attempting to retrace all of your steps in an effort to find your keys may end up costing you hours of valuable time, so it is sometimes best to cut your losses and come up with a better solution. Read More 

Three Ways To Improve Your Home’s Security For Your Child

Creating a safe home for your kids is likely one of your top priorities. Home security that grows with your children and your family is a must. The following tips can help you create a secure home. Tip #1: Prevent wandering No matter how vigilant you are, small children can manage to slip by undetected. While usually this isn't a concern inside the home, it can quickly become a nightmare if they manage to get out the front door. Read More