Learn How A Locksmith Can Add A Deadbolt To Your Door For Added Security

If you feel that your home is not as safe as it could be, you may want to consider having a deadbolt added to the door. A locksmith has all of the tools and training needed to be able to add a deadbolt to your door quickly and easily for you. The following guide walks you through the process that will be used to add the deadbolt to your door. Read More 

Protecting Your Business With A Card Key Access Control System

If you are a business owner who is tired of continually having to re-key locks due to employees and vendors losing their keys, then you should consider installing a card key access control system. Card key access control systems give you the ability to quickly issue new card keys and deactivate lost cards, and help to control the portion of your company's budget spent on commercial locksmiths. Card Key Access Control System Hardware Read More 

Is Your Transponder Key Not Working? Lost Your Key Fob? A Locksmith Can Help

Advanced technology has made its way to the locking and ignition systems in new cars. Gone are the days of having normal, metal keys to open the doors and start the vehicle. Many cars do not even use what you would think of as a key at all. Everything is done electronically. This does not mean that if you are locked out of the car you need to call an electrician or computer wizard, though. Read More 

Information You Will Need To Replace Your Lost Car Key

Getting a car key replaced is a much easier process today than it was several years ago. This is because most major locksmiths are equipped with the tools needed to cut transponder keys, reproduce laser cut keys, and program key fobs for your vehicle. If you are just looking to replace the key of your car, all you have to do is find a locksmith in your area and then call them with the following information at the ready. Read More 

What Did You Lose Today?

In the daily shuffle to get off to work or get the kids to school, you are likely forced to stop and look for something. A survey has shown that you spend an average of ten minutes each day searching for a lost  item. Very likely, it the same item that you have lost several times over the course of the last week. Ask yourself how many times in the past seven days you have had to look for your keys, your phone, a bookbag, or your shoes. Read More