Buying A Home That Sat Vacant For A While? What To Know

If you are moving into a new home that sat vacant for weeks or months and you're worried about safety, there are some things you should do as soon as you take possession of the house. You don't want to worry if someone has been inside while the house was empty or if someone who has been there plans on returning.

Thieves may be looking for anything from copper piping to cabinet doors. You want to call a locksmith and talk with them about the following changes, so you can walk into your house with confidence.

Change the Locks

The previous owners of the home could have given the keys to many different people that they knew, so it's hard to tell how many people have a copy. A locksmith can come to the house to change the handles and locks and to add deadbolts to the doors that need them. This is a preventative measure that will pay off if someone tries to get into the house with their old key.

Add Locks to the Windows

If someone was in the house and knew that they could crawl through the window and get in easily or has been watching the house sit vacant, they may be coming in and out. It's important to add locks to the windows to make sure people can't get in and out when you're moving your stuff in or after you are living their full time.

Motion Lighting

Motion lighting around the property is going to alert an intruder that someone may be aware of their presence when you are home or away, and it can get your attention at night. It can also draw the attention of the neighbors. Get the lighting around all corners of the home and garage, especially in areas where thieves will target like the main door of a garage.

If the house doesn't already have a security system, get one installed. If there is an existing one, then make sure it's updated and works properly. You don't know how many people have been watching the home if it sat vacant for a while, no matter what type of neighborhood it's in.

Talk with the locksmith from a company like LI Locksmiths Inc to find out what other things you can do to help protect your property while you move in, and to make sure that you don't have any break-in problems in the future.