Unique Places To Hide Your Spare Keys Outside

If you are worried about locking yourself out of the house, you might want to consider various places around the outside of your home where you can hide a spare key. With the following suggestions in mind, you should have no trouble finding the perfect place.

Under The House Siding

Does your house have vinyl siding that has a small opening along the side? If there is enough of an opening where you can slide a single house key in, you will want to make use of that. To help make sure that you are not losing your house key behind the siding, attach a strong piece of clear packing tape to the key before sliding it behind the siding. Then, the other end of the tape will attach to the siding. Since it is clear, no one will notice it but you will be able to retrieve the key without any problems.

In The Bird Feeder

To make sure that the birds do not accidentally kick the key to the ground or take off with it, you will want to secure it in place with a piece of packing or duct tape. Empty the bird feeder before doing this so that you can place it right on the bottom of the interior of the feeder. Then you will want to refill the container with some tasty seeds for the neighborhood birds. Just make sure that you are keeping an eye on the level of the feed. You do not want it to run out of seeds, because then your key may be easily visible to anyone walking by.

Under The Potting Soil

Whether you want to hide the key in your flower garden or in the soil within a planter, you need to first place it in a sealed plastic bag that you have pushed all of the air out of before closing. The plastic bag will protect the key from exposure to water, which could quickly cause the key to rust. Then you will want to dig a small holes in the soil and make sure that there is a good amount of soil covering the top of the key. To help you remember the exact location of the key, you might want to place a special rocks or garden decoration over the top of it.

Now, with those three suggestions in mind, you should have little trouble finding the best spot to hide your spare house key so that you will never have to fear becoming locked out of your house again.

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