Three Ways To Improve Your Home’s Security For Your Child

Creating a safe home for your kids is likely one of your top priorities. Home security that grows with your children and your family is a must. The following tips can help you create a secure home.

Tip #1: Prevent wandering

No matter how vigilant you are, small children can manage to slip by undetected. While usually this isn't a concern inside the home, it can quickly become a nightmare if they manage to get out the front door. The way to avoid this problem is to have locks installed that your child can't reach to operate. This can be as simple as having the deadbolt installed near the top third of the door instead of right above the doorknob. There are also interior locks, such as flap locks, that can be installed high up on the door and that are difficult for young kids to operate. Just make sure you are well versed on how they are used in case you need to open the door quickly in an emergency.

Tip #2: Secure the windows

A tumble from a second floor or high window can be fatal. Window locks can prevent a child from pushing open a window and falling out. These locks go beyond the simple thumb locks that are on most home windows. They are installed on the track and they require a key to open. Another option is to have security grates installed over the windows, which can be helpful if you have your windows open often. You may also want to consider having window alarms installed, which make a noise if the window is opened. This can alert you to any issues, whether it is a child opening a window or an intruder trying to get in. The alarms can be deactivated when you want to open a window.

Tip #3: Have an alarm installed

A security alarm serves many purposes in a house with children. Even young children can be taught how to use the emergency call button. This can empower your toddler or preschooler to call for help if something should occur to the parent. The alarm can also be used to monitor known hazards in and around the home, such as by placing an alarm on a swimming pool or on the door to a room that isn't safe for the child. As your child grows and matures, you can teach them how to operate the alarm so they are secure in the home when you are away.

Talk to a locksmith, such as Fradon Lock Co Inc, about installing these or other security features on your home.