Need To Get Replacement Car Keys? 3 Things To Add Function To Your Keychain

All of the pockets, key hooks, backpacks, and handbags cannot stop people from losing their keys. Regardless of how many times you remember where you put your keys, all it takes is one misstep to lose them for good. Attempting to retrace all of your steps in an effort to find your keys may end up costing you hours of valuable time, so it is sometimes best to cut your losses and come up with a better solution. Instead of just carrying your keys around, you can use a keychain with functional additions.

Tracking Device

It is almost inevitable that you will misplace your keys in your house, in your car, or at work at some point in time. Instead of trying to think of where you last put them, you can add a tracking device to your keychain that prevents you from having to stress about not having your keys on hand. Many of these trackers have mobile applications that you must use for proper tracking. So, a good idea is to see which apps are the highest rated and compatible with your phone and then find the trackers for them.


Whether you want a simple or complex multi-tool is up to you, but you can get either one to put on a keychain. Having a way to open bottles or gain the functions of a screwdriver can come in handy at times. Before buying one, you should think about where you are most likely to keep your keychain as you may not want a bulky multi-tool if you will not be able to fit it into a small place like your pants pockets.


This kind of device is the perfect thing to have on your keychain and with you at all times. But, since a lot of pressure can get put on your keychain while it is inside your pocket or on your travels as a whole, you should avoid plastic models as they are more likely to suffer permanent damage. Copper is another common material that you will find with keychain flashlights, but this metal is rather heavy. An excellent alternative is aluminum flashlights, which weigh less than a third of what copper does. This will help you have a functional keychain with multiple add-ons, but without feeling like you are carrying a ton. You will also benefit from getting an LED keychain light, which give off full power as soon as you turn the light on.

Getting a replacement key is a necessity, but putting it on a keychain along with some additions will help you keep better track of your car keys, while also making it a more functional item to carry around.