How To Install A Night Latch

If you want extra security on an exterior door, consider installing a night latch. A night latch installs on the inner face of the door, and is easier to mount than a deadbolt lock. The night latch locks come in single models that lock from the inside only or double action, which lock from inside and outside. Here are some tips to install a night latch. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: Read More 

Unique Places To Hide Your Spare Keys Outside

If you are worried about locking yourself out of the house, you might want to consider various places around the outside of your home where you can hide a spare key. With the following suggestions in mind, you should have no trouble finding the perfect place. Under The House Siding Does your house have vinyl siding that has a small opening along the side? If there is enough of an opening where you can slide a single house key in, you will want to make use of that. Read More 

Locked a Safe and Lost Access? Hire a Locksmith to Crack These 3 Safe Types

Many people have a safe in their home, whether to safely store their gun or to keep precious documents protected from a fire. Unfortunately, it's possible to lose access to these safes. If you forgot the combination or lose the key, you will be unable to get into to the safe when you need to. Thankfully, you can use the help of a professional locksmith to get into these 3 kinds of safes in your home. Read More 

Five Types of Locks You May Want in Your Home When You Have an Autistic Child

When you have a child with autism, you have to childproof your home a lot longer than you would for a child that develops normally. Most children with autism do not perceive danger the way other kids do, so they might not comprehend that many common household objects are threatening when played with. If you want to keep your autistic child safe in your home, you may want to consider the five following locks for his or her safety and well-being. Read More 

Advanced Ways Thieves Are Gaining Access To Homes & Businesses

Whether you work as a locksmith or you're simply an interested home or business owner, you probably like to keep up with as much professional locksmith information as possible. You might be interested in learning about the advanced new ways thieves are gaining access to homes and businesses. Here is an overview of some of these methods that are used, as well as ways to possibly thwart these violations: Easy duplicates of " Read More