Signs It’s Time To Invest In New Door Locks

Your door locks are an integral part of your home security. Unfortunately, most homeowners don't think about their door locks unless they start showing signs of wear and tear. Unless you want to compromise your security, ensure your locks work perfectly or replace them whenever you need to do so. You shouldn't wait until robbers break into your home to replace the locks.

It's always recommendable to hire a residential locksmith service whenever you need to replace your locks. That said, here are a few tell-tale signs that should alert you when to replace your door locks.

Someone Moved Out 

Has your roommate or relative moved out of an apartment you were sharing? Perhaps a tenant has vacated your premises? Whatever it may be, you should change the door locks as soon as someone who rented or previously shared your property moves out.

It doesn't matter whether the tenant or roommate handed over the spare keys, you should buy new locks. Moreover, you don't know whether they made copies, and they're planning to access your property later.

After Break-In

If your property gets broken into, you should assume that your keys ended up in the wrong hands. Rather than waiting for another break-in to happen, you should change the door locks immediately. Most burglars will tamper with your locks to force their way into your home. This means that your damaged lock will leave your home vulnerable if you fail to replace it.

Stolen or Missing Keys

Misplacing your keys can be pretty stressful, especially when you can't recall where you lost them. While you might have some spare keys, you should assume that your lost keys aren't in safe hands. If someone might have picked them, they can try to access your house and steal your valuables. Therefore, take the right precaution, which in this case is replacing your door locks.

Wear and Tear

Just like any other commodity, your door locks can't last forever. They'll lose their integrity and strength as they age. Unfortunately, most burglars tend to target homes with old locks because they're easier to pick and damage. So, if your door locks start showing signs of wear and tear, replace them with smart locks. Moreover, that might be your best chance to upgrade your current locks to smart locks.

The signs highlighted above should tell you it's time to replace your current door locks. If you decide to replace them, call a professional locksmith.