Two Methods A Locksmith Uses To Change Locks

Not everyone has a home's locks changed when they move in, but it's smart to have this service done. Even if the previous owners say they collected any keys that had been given to other people, it's impossible to know whether this is true. The previous owners may believe it, but they could have forgotten someone who was provided with a key many years ago.

Most adults have learned that locks can be changed, but they may not know there are two techniques for accomplishing this. Rekeying and replacement are the two methods a locksmith uses. Each has certain advantages.


During this process, certain components are removed and new ones installed. Now, the device does not work with the key anymore, and the locksmith makes a different one. It's an effective choice when someone moves and wants to make sure nobody with an old key can get in.

Rekeying is commonly done for other reasons as well. A person might want to stop an old roommate from coming in. After a romantic relationship ends, locks could be changed if the former partner has a key. Locksmiths also do this project when a key has been lost or possibly stolen.

The main advantage of the technique is it's cheaper than replacement work. However, it does not upgrade home security except for blocking people trying to use an old key.


Cheap doorknobs and levers have one set of tumblers. They function by pushing or turning a button on the device on the inside and inserting a key on the outside. This equipment is relatively easy to break into for an intruder who is determined enough. Inexpensive deadbolts operate only from the inside and have no outside component. Thus, there is no extra layer of protection when nobody is home.

Locksmiths can replace these devices with products providing better security. Pick-resistant mechanisms have an additional set of tumblers. The interior-only deadbolt can be replaced with one that operates with a key from the outside.

This method also allows the new residents to change doorknob styles if they would like. It's a small bit of affordable home improvement they may find appealing.

Once a home's new residents understand these two ways to change locks, they can decide which they prefer. Then it's time to contact a locksmith and schedule an appointment to complete these projects on all of the exterior doors.

Reach out to a local locksmith to learn more about these methods.