Should You Rekey Locks or Change Them?

Your locks are a major line of protection for your business. And while most business owners and managers know that it's a good occasion to change the locks, they may not know the value of different methods of doing so. Consider, for instance, the decision between rekeying your locks and changing those locks. When is it best to make either move? Here's what you should know.

Are You Rekeying Locks or Changing Them?

When a property owner talks about 'changing the locks', they're likely using a catch-all term that actually refers to two different processes. The first method is rekeying a lock. When you rekey, the locksmith removes the lock and changes the cylinder and key pins inside so that they no longer work with the old key. The lock itself remains the same. Changing the lock is often considered a more complete or extreme change. In this case, the lock is removed entirely and a new one is put into its place. 

When Should You Rekey Locks?

Once you know the difference between these two methods of changing locks, when should you opt for rekeying? Generally, if you're on a budget, this is the more cost-effective method of changing access. You aren't buying as many new products and the locksmith can do the work faster. The lock should, of course, be fairly new and the purpose of the lock (what it secures) should not have changed. 

When Should You Change Locks?

What about going to the trouble of changing locks? Doing so allows you to replace an old lock that may not be as secure as it once was. If there is damage or even a lot of wear on the lock itself, this is the best and most cost-effective time to make improvements. If you changed the locks due to a security threat, for instance, it's important to have a new lock you can rely on. 

In addition, changing the unit provides the opportunity to update or upgrade your locks. If security technology has advanced since the lock was installed, you may have access to new and better features. This might be as simple as using a new lock with longer screws or more security pins. Or it might give you the chance to switch to smart locks that provide more customized access control. 

Which method is right for your particular needs? The best way to decide is to consult with a locksmith. They will assess the condition of your existing locks, your budget, and the opportunities provided by modern technology. Make an appointment today.