What To Look For In The Knob And Lock Set For Your Front Door

If you are going to be having a new front door installed in your home, then this is your chance to choose a door that you will be happy with in all areas and for many years to come. You can choose from a wide range of doors and this allows you to get one you feel most secure with, one that you know will withstand the elements in your area well, and that you feel adds the right aesthetics to your home's exterior. This is also your opportunity to be selective with regards to the type of door knob and locks that you have installed on the new door. Here are some things you may want to think about when it comes to the type of doorknob and locks you go with: 

Go for security

Since you are looking for the right knob and locks to be put on the front entrance of your home, you need to make sure that security is one of your primary concerns. You want the front door to have locks you know you can count on to be very difficult for someone to get past. You want locks that aren't easy to pick, ones that can't be easily broken into with a credit card, and ones that can't be violated easily using any of the other known tricks criminals use to get inside a house. Mortise locks are known for being extremely secure due to the mortise being longer and thicker, securing the door more than most other types of locks. 

Go for strength

Along with the locks being designed in a way that better secures the door in the shut and locked position, you also want to know that the lock is strong, that it can withstand a lot of brute force without giving or breaking. It should be made of a strong material and designed in a way that reinforces its ability to last a long time and offers you the durability needed to keep criminals from getting inside. 

Go for looks

When you put so much thought into choosing a door that looks good, you don't want to end up putting a door knob and lock on it that isn't worthy of it. You want a set that matches the color of the door, but you also want a set that has its own character. For example, consider mortise sets that tend to have designs to them that help enhance the great look of the door. They aren't traditional knobs and locks, but they are fitted to go with the door they are installed on and this makes them a visual asset for the door.