Locked a Safe and Lost Access? Hire a Locksmith to Crack These 3 Safe Types

Many people have a safe in their home, whether to safely store their gun or to keep precious documents protected from a fire. Unfortunately, it's possible to lose access to these safes. If you forgot the combination or lose the key, you will be unable to get into to the safe when you need to. Thankfully, you can use the help of a professional locksmith to get into these 3 kinds of safes in your home.

Fireproof Safes

A very common type of safe that people have in their home is one that is fireproof. These are typically smaller safes that are only big enough to fit small items such as paperwork, passports, and jewelry, but they also come in large sizes too. These safes can have lock, combination, or electronic entry systems.

Because the goal of these safes is to protect the items inside from a fire, their locks are usually more of a deterrent of quick theft than to keep out skilled burglars. The locking mechanism can sometimes be bypassed with a powerful magnet or by simply picking the lock. A locksmith should have no problems opening this kind of safe for you.

Standalone Safes

A standalone safe is not typically mounted, but is so heavy and big that it will deter a criminal from breaking into your home and stealing the safe to crack later. These safes are made with heavy steel and benefit by being fireproof as well because of the heavy exterior.

Since these safes are so heavy duty, a worst-case scenario to access it involves drilling the old lock out and replacing it with a new one. Hopefully, your locksmith will be able to use an alternative method to preserve the lock on the safe.

Gun Safes

Anybody that owns a gun should also own a safe. Unfortunately, the gun will not do you any good if you cannot get access to it when you need it. Being locked out of your gun case will require some professional help to get back into it.

These safes are easier to break into and can even be done using simple household objects like paper clips and coat hangers. A locksmith should be able to trigger the magnetic pin without causing damage to the safe itself.

If you are locked out of your safe, you should not try to break into it on your own. You do not want to run the risk of causing damage, which will make it more difficult for your locksmith to open the safe for you and may result in the need to buy a new safe.