Learn How A Locksmith Can Add A Deadbolt To Your Door For Added Security

If you feel that your home is not as safe as it could be, you may want to consider having a deadbolt added to the door. A locksmith has all of the tools and training needed to be able to add a deadbolt to your door quickly and easily for you. The following guide walks you through the process that will be used to add the deadbolt to your door.

Choose the Deadbolt

First, you will need to choose what deadbolt you want to use in your home. You can choose any color or style you want. When you shop for the deadbolt, be sure you look at it carefully to determine if you want to purchase one that has a lever to operate the deadbolt from inside of the home or if you want to get a deadbolt that requires a key to operate it from either side of the door.

Choose the Position for the Deadbolt

There are some people who want their deadbolts to be high on the door and others that want their locks to be lower. It is up to you to tell the locksmith where you would like the lock so that he or she can mark the positions where the lock will be located and where the bracket will be placed on the jamb of the door.

Create Holes for the Lock and Jamb

Next, the locksmith, like those at Hicks Safes & Locks Inc, will drill a hole into the door at the mark he or she made for the lock. They will then use a hole saw to create a hole in the door that is large enough to fit the locking mechanism of the lock through the door. The locksmith will then use a spade bit to create a hole in the jamb of the door for the bolt to go into when the door is locked.  

Attach the Lock to the Door

One side of the lock will then be pushed through the hole in the door and the second piece of the lock will be lined up with the first piece until they fit together perfectly. Once the two pieces are properly lined up, screws will be used to secure the two pieces together.

Attach the Bracket to the Jamb

Next, a bracket will be placed on the jamb of the door where the spade bit was used to create the hole for the bolt. The bracket keeps the jamb from breaking apart any more as the lock is used.

Once the lock and bracket are attached, the lock will be ready to use. Your deadbolt will serve as a second lock on your door to ensure that you are as safe as you can be in your home at all times.