Tips To Regain Your Sense Of Safety Following A Home Burglary

Your home is meant to be the place where you go to feel safe and secure. With all of the stress in the outside world, being in your home should feel like a small corner of the world created just for you. However, if your home gets burglarized, you may feel as though your security, safety and peace of mind have been violated. Experiencing a burglary is a traumatic experience and it is difficult to overcome the sense of loss. The good news is that locksmith services are available to help you get back your sense of security. A professional locksmith is able to provide you with the appropriate steps to take after a burglary to ensure your family is safe and secure. If you should experience a burglary, here are the steps to take to help you regain your sense of safety.

Contact Local Authorities

If you arrive home and find a window or door damaged or opened, do not go into the house, go to a neighbor and call the local police. If you suspect a burglary has occurred, you should never go inside the home until the police have completed a search, just in case the burglar is still inside your home. When the local police arrive, they will do a search as well as collect evidence, so it is important to leave everything as it was when you initially became aware of a break-in.

Take an Inventory of Personal Belongings

It is important to take a complete inventory of your belongings, because the police department as well as your insurance company will want to know the items that have been stolen. If the police department has a thorough list of your stolen items, they will be able to watch for these items and it will help the police department make an arrest if the stolen items are located. Your insurance company will need a complete inventory of the stolen items before your claim can be processed. Make sure to check items you typically keep in drawers or out of sight, especially items that contain personal information, including:

  • Bank cards
  • Identification, such as a passport
  • Extra checks
  • Birth Certificates
  • Medications

Consult With a Local Emergency Locksmith Service

As soon as the police have finished with their duties, it is important to contact an emergency locksmith. Emergency locksmith services are available anytime of the day or night, so you can have new locks installed even if the burglary occurred in the middle of the night. A locksmith will also be able to do a walk through of your home with you and provide suggestions on ways to improve the security of your home. For example, the locksmith can install deadbolt locks as well as window locks if needed.

Even if you have not experienced a burglary, the best protection is prevention. Consider contacting a local locksmith service to do an evaluation of your home security. The locksmith will be able to provide you with information about additional reinforcement on windows and/or doors, as well as other things you do can do to increase the safety of your family.