3 Ways A Locksmith Can Get You Into Your Car

If you have locked yourself out of your car, you need to get some help so that you can get into it. One thing that you can do is to call a locksmith and have them come out and get you into your car. While they are getting into your car, the locksmith can also cut another key for you so that you have a spare, if necessary. Even if your car uses a fob to unlock the doors, the locksmith can get you into your car. There are various ways that the locksmith can get you into your car. 


The locksmith can get you into your late model car so that they can reprogram your keyless lock. The locksmith will have to use a special computer so that they can reprogram it, which will let them unlock your door. They may also have to reprogram your key when they unlock your door and get the key for you. 

Key Extractor

The problem may be not that you locked the key in the car, and it may be that you broke the key off while you were trying to get it unlocked. It does happen. If that is what happened, the locksmith can still help you. There are special tools that can extract the broken key for you. Once they have the broken key out of the lock, the locksmith will check to ensure that the lock isn't damaged and can cut you another key, if necessary. 

Jiggle Keys

A jiggle key might not work on every car, and it's not something that every locksmith will be able to do. The way that one of these keys works is that the locksmith will have a series of keys. The locksmith will look at your car's make and model and choose a key that will fit in the lock. The key won't be the precise fit for your car's lock, but the smith will jiggle the key around so that it activates the pins in the lock. As the pins are activated, the door will unlock. It may take some time for the locksmith to use this method, and it may not work on all cars. 

If you have managed to lock yourself out of the car somehow, then you need to call a locksmith and have them come out to your location. They will have some tools and methods at their disposal so that they can get you into your car.  Find locksmith services near you today.