Advanced Ways Thieves Are Gaining Access To Homes & Businesses

Whether you work as a locksmith or you're simply an interested home or business owner, you probably like to keep up with as much professional locksmith information as possible. You might be interested in learning about the advanced new ways thieves are gaining access to homes and businesses. Here is an overview of some of these methods that are used, as well as ways to possibly thwart these violations:

Easy duplicates of "restricted" keys

Increasing amounts of apps are being created with the ability to duplicate keys, regardless of the type. The process is simple, and all that is needed is a photo of the original key, and then the picture can be blown up and placed in 3D form, where it can then be copied. This is true even for "do not duplicate" or "restricted" keys. This can make things very convenient for an honest home or business owner who has lost his or her key. However, it is also easy for criminals to get their hands on such apps, which could give them easy assess to duplicates. Luckily, certain security measures are being taken to prevent attacks by criminals through the creation of advanced locking systems by lock designers. 

Blocking remote locking systems in vehicles

Vehicle owners with remote locking systems on their cars may be experiencing a false sense of security, because criminals have figured out a way to block the functioning of these devices. Car thieves have discovered "jamming," which entails using an electronic device with the ability to intercept signals sent via a locking system remote, preventing vehicles from locking or unlocking. Criminal then have assess to your vehicle and any other that they're able to "jam." Although there is no way to prevent a thief from "jamming" the signal to your car, you can minimize your chances of falling victim to an attack by double-checking to ensure your car is secured before walking away.

Can a criminal gain assess to your home through your thermostat?

If you have a smart thermostat in your home, then you could be at risk of an invasion. Since smart thermostats save you money by not using unnecessary energy when you're not home, criminals have the ability to hack into the electronic control of your thermostat in order to determine if anyone is home. You can lower your chances of being attacked in this manner by changing the automatically-generated username and password right away. You should also ensure that you change the port of your device, to make it more difficult for thieves to hack in.

As security measures become more technologically advanced, so are criminals, as they are becoming increasingly more cunning when it comes to breaking into the vehicles and homes of others. However, as long as you remain vigilant and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, you will improve your chances of winning the fight against theft. Contact Suburban Lock to learn more.