Protecting Your Business With A Card Key Access Control System

If you are a business owner who is tired of continually having to re-key locks due to employees and vendors losing their keys, then you should consider installing a card key access control system. Card key access control systems give you the ability to quickly issue new card keys and deactivate lost cards, and help to control the portion of your company's budget spent on commercial locksmiths.

Card Key Access Control System Hardware

While there are a wide variety of card key access control systems on the market today that are manufactured by various companies, all of the systems include the same basic hardware:

  • a card key programming unit
  • door access panels
  • card keys

The access panels are installed on all doors and unlocked by swiping the card across their readers. Card keys are very inexpensive and can be reprogrammed for multiple uses. The programming unit is a small piece of equipment that you can set on your desk and use to program keys.

Card Key Access Control System Software

Central to all card key access control systems is a computer-based database and an easy-to-use software interface. The software interface gives you the ability to quickly program card keys for use by your employees and vendors. Additionally, the security database records each time someone uses a card key on your system. This functionality is very helpful to monitor the movement of your vendors and employees around your business spaces.

Card Key Access Control System Best Practices for Use

If your company doesn't already have one in place, you need to create a formal policy for the issue and appropriate use of keys to your buildings. Some of the industry best practices that you should follow include:

  • each employee and vendor are issued their own card key
  • card keys are immediately deactivated if lost
  • no sharing of card keys is allowed between employees or vendors

Additionally, you should always require terminated employees to surrender their card keys immediately. Whether or not you receive the physical card back, it should be deactivated. This will help prevent damage or theft from angry ex-employees.


As you can clearly see, a card key access control system can help to save your company a lot of time, money, and frustration. For additional information on all of the available options you can utilize to protect your company's buildings, you should reach out to a local commercial locksmith company like Irvine Lock & Key